Export Your Projects from HostedRedmine.com

This exporter allows users of HostedRedmine.com to regularly export their database contents for both backup and migration purposes.
You can therefore use this utility to keep a local copy of your data on your computer.
The exporter format is a zip file containing both the database SQL and all of your uploaded attachments.
You can use these files to import directly into a new private Redmine instance with minimal disruption.

You may download your export at any time without affecting your ongoing use of HostedRedmine.com.

After you login, the system will generate your export zip file and will present it for your download.
Please be patient, the process may take a few minutes.

The exporter now supports UTF-8 for international characters/languages.
If you experience any issues with this, please let me know.

If you require a full Redmine instance with unrestricted Administrator access, we recommend our partner Planio Redmine Hosting.
Planio offers paid hosted Redmine instances including hosted Subversion and Git. Existing HostedRedmine.com users
can also transition to Planio for free. Just export your data here and contact Planio to request a free data import.